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  • What ingredients are in your products?

    At Olive & June we are all about creating the cleanest formulation possible without compromising on performance. That’s why we formulate to be “7-free” which means we are free of the seven harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polishes including dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, TPHP or xylene. Our formula is also vegan and cruelty free.

  • Do I need a base coat?

    You don’t! Our polish is formulated with the base coat already built-in. Some people like a sheer coat of EC underneath darker colors, but this is not necessary for everyone!

  • Does your remover take off gel?

    We don't recommend using our remover to remove gel polish. Pure acetone is needed to remove gel and our remover is acetone free. To remove gel polish, we went live with one of our manicurists who spilled all of the secrets. Watch it HERE.

  • Is the buffer the same grit on all sides?

    Yes! It’s a gentle grit that helps you not buff too much too quickly and can easily assist with cuticle care.

  • Why are the clippers flat?

    This is how you get every nail shape - square, squoval, round, almond, etc! Curved clippers push you into a curved shape automatically.

  • How often should you replace your clean up brush?

    The tools will tell you when it’s time for a replacement! You can always give it a little hair cut with the clippers for stray brushes, otherwise when you feel like it’s difficult to remove polish, it’s time for a new one!

  • Do I dip my clean-up brush in the remover?

    Yes, but gently! Swirl it in the pot versus pumping it up and down to avoid fraying your brush or causing the sponge to tear.

  • How do I clean my clippers?

    Soap and water - easy as that!

  • Can I fill the Nail Polish Remover Pot with my own remover?

    Our remover is formulated with the sponge, so we recommend purchasing a new one if you’re almost out!

  • When doing spills, what’s the best way to prevent the polish drying out?

    Spill in small batches, so one coat at a time, and don’t pour new spills on top of old ones it will get clumpy!

  • Is it safe to share tools/polish with other people?

    We love to share, but recommend that you keep your tools to yourself to avoid cross contamination.

  • How do I use my Studio Box?

    The box itself is designed to hold your phone upright to FaceTime a bestie during your mani! The shelfie is there to help you capture that perfect #nailfie post-polish!

  • What do each of my tools in my Studio Box do?

    The Studio Box contains everything you need to achieve a salon-perfect mani at home. It contains our patented Poppy, which shape and soft silicone material create a comfy grip that gives you more control whether you’re painting with your dominant or non-dominant hand. 

    It also contains our Top Coat, a super shiny, extra protective top coat custom formulated to work with our polishes, but plays well with other too, to make your mani last.

    Meet Nail Polish Remover Pot, your new, always-reliable bestie. This mess-free pot removes nail polish in seconds. No cotton balls, smudged nails or worries.

    No mani is complete without a Nail File! Ours is a dual-sided file with both coarse and fine grit, the same file we use in our O&J salons.

    The secret to the salon-perfect mani? The Clean Up Brush! This sturdy acrylic brush with contoured synthetic bristles is here for your touch-ups. It’s our salon secret to straight lines and perfect curves.

    As we’re all about shaping, The Studio Box also contains our Nail Clippers - stainless steel, flat-edge clippers to create your ideal nail shape. Our manicurists swear by this style, and you will too.

    We don’t cut cuticles here, but we do buff them! The Studio Box comes with a buffer, a multi-grit cube to buff and smooth your cuticles gently and safely at home.

    Finally, make your mani look like new and hydrate your cuticles at the same time with our Cuticle Serum, formulated with Cactus Flower, found in California and our new favorite ingredient to moisturize, soften and help repair skin.

  • What side of the buffer should I use?

    The buffer has the same grit on all sides! Use the corners to gently buff your cuticles, and the flat sides to help smooth ridges gently on the nail bed.

  • Which side of the file should I use?

    The ampersand side of the file is more gentle and perfect for manis. The opposite side is more coarse, and here to help with your pedis!

  • How do you use the Clean Up Brush?

    Use the Clean Up Brush after you’ve painted and before you Top Coat! Swirl gently in the Nail Polish Remover Pot and slowly remove polish from the skin using the brush.

  • Does my polish need two or three coats?

    This is a personal preference! Our Beginner Level polish can be anywhere from 1-3 coats, depending on the color and coverage you’re looking for. Intermediate shades can be painted in two coats, but for a brighter color try three thin coats. Almost all of our advanced shades require three thin coats.

  • How do I use the Poppy?

    If your polish has an overcap (like ours), pull it up and off to remove. Slide The Poppy onto the smaller inner cap or brush handle. (Hint: Flat brushes paint like a dream. To position The Poppy on a brush like ours, find the brush’s flat edge, mark the polish’s inner cap accordingly, and slide on your Poppy perfectly every time). With a firm grip on The Poppy, twist to remove your brush from the bottle and adjust as desired! Need more help? Check out our video here.

  • Do you sell the buffer, files, clippers a la carte?

    At this time, these tools are not available for purchase on their own! We suggest our Tool Box, which has a replacement Nail Polish Remover Pot, Poppy, Clean Up Brush and cuticle Serum as well!

  • Will you restock the nail stickers that are stocked out?

    Of course! If there’s a certain pack that most interests you, shoot our team an email at so we can alert you when it’s back in stock!

  • Does the cuticle serum come in a single unit available for purchase?

    Not yet! Our Cuticle Serum is available as a duo here


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