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  • How do I give myself a manicure?

    We have some great resources on our site! Check out our Mani 101 guide. 

    We also recommend:

    1. Prep, prep, prep. Wipe down your nails with polish remover to dehydrate them before you apply polish.
    2. Make sure you are not using a separate base coat, as our polish has a built-in one.
    3. Sweep the polish and top coat over the tips of your nails to cap the ends.
    4. Clean up any polish that is on your cuticles, and make sure it is only on the nail itself. That will help prevent any peeling around your cuticles!
  • How do I achieve a smooth finish?

    We recommend these tips for the best smooth mani finish!

    - If you need to mix your polish, roll it between your hands rather than shaking it.
    - Prep your nails with nail polish remover, acetone, or alcohol to make sure the nail plates are clean and dry.
    -Start with a thin first coat and a thicker second. Thin coats help prevent bubbling!

  • How do I apply the nail stickers?

    Try these steps for applying our nail stickers!

    1. Apply stickers to polish that is completely dry (otherwise it will indent your polish).
    2. Press down firmly around the edges of the sticker. Tweezers can help with this and with the application!
    3. Seal with two thin coats of top coat.
    4. Top coat your nails every 2-3 days to keep your sticker mani looking fresh!
  • How long should I wait to apply lotion?

    We recommend waiting until the polish is completely dry, around the same time you apply Cuticle Serum!

  • How do I avoid chipping?

    Chipping always comes down to the prep! To make sure your mani can be long-lasting, make sure you’re avoiding hand washing during the prep steps, and avoiding showering right before you paint! Remove polish with the Nail Polish Remover Pot, and avoid touching your hair, towels, etc so no oil can transfer to your nail bed. Then, we always paint in 2-3 THIN coats while giving the coats at least 5-10 minutes of dry time in between coats. Seal with Super Glossy Top Coat and reapply every 2-3 days to really lock in the mani and keep it fresh!

  • How do I know what color will look good on me?

    We don’t believe in colors for certain skin tones. Choose whatever makes YOU happy and makes you feel good! If you ever want to see a color swatched by our team, you can watch the swatch show on IGTV to see all of our different shades!

  • How do I choose an ombre mani?

    We have several suggestions on our site here. If you haven’t done an ombre mani before, we suggest sticking within a color family (like all different shades of pink), to start! With some practice, you can introduce other colors and have a perfect rainbow mani!

  • What is the best product to start with if I’m just starting to do my nails at home?

    Try our Studio Box with a Beginner Shade polish! It has all the tools you need for a salon-perfect mani at home, and a sheer/metallic polish will help you learn the basics of painting while enjoying a beautiful color!

  • What is the difference between the Starter Kit and the Studio Box?

    Our Starter Set contains The Poppy, EC (a nourishing sheer) and Top Coat! The Studio Box comes with your choice of polish color, Top Coat, Poppy and all the other tools needed for the perfect salon-quality mani at home.

  • What are your tips to getting that salon quality finish?

    Apply our Super Glossy Top Coat every 2-3 days, and finish with Cuticle Serum! Removing excess polish with the clean-up brush will also ensure your mani is looking salon-perfect and is also long-lasting!

  • I need some mani inspo. Where do I go?

    For mani tips, visit our Olive University here! For inspiration on what polish to paint next, check out our Instagram page! 


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